Remembering Steve Flesher

We lost a pillar of the Palin community last Saturday evening. To honor Steve, many of those who worked with him over the years wished to share our thoughts.

Steve was invited to join Conservatives4Palin as a contributor in 2011, and has since authored over 1300 posts. In January of 2015, then Editor in Chief Stacy Drake passed stewardship of the site into Steve’s capable hands. His leadership guided the site for three full years, until he stepped down as Editor in Chief at the end of 2017, though remaining on board as a contributor.

It was Steve who personally recruited me into the C4P family as a contributor in the summer of 2014. He was at first my mentor, then quickly became my friend. I learned so much from Steve. He always had the right advice, an innate instinct for the proper way of doing things. So many times when I grappled with a situation, I would ask myself, “What would Steve do?” When indecision lingered, I would call seeking his counsel. He was always there for me.

Steve was a warrior for the conservative cause who always fought with kindness. He would never stoop to demeaning or defaming the ideological opposition. With an almost sympathetic stroke of the pen, he could expose the flaws, instruct with facts, and then offer guidance toward the light. A wonderful writer.

When word of Steve’s sudden, unexpected passing reached me Saturday night, I was stunned. Just hours of disbelief. I still can’t accept that he is no longer here.

Steve was loved by a great number of people. To understand the depth of how many lives Steve touched, one simply has to browse his Facebook page to see the outpouring of sentiment. It is a tribute to the man, and how he lived his life.

I’m gonna miss this guy. A lot.

~ iizthatiiz


What I remember most vividly about working with Steve on this site was that he was always so dependable, so civil and he was always a pleasure to collaborate with. His kindness, work ethic and his sense of duty will always define him in my eyes.

Steve was easy to become friends with once he joined C4P. Thankfully, our friendship extended way beyond politics and site duties. He was someone I talked to on a regular basis after I left the site because his friendship was not something I could have ever walked away from.

I’ll miss our late-night talks on the phone and our day-long texting conversations. I’ll miss hearing his voice and it breaks my heart that I will never again hear that beautiful laugh of his. Not in this realm anyway.

The world is a lesser place without Steve Flesher in it. He helped so many people and animals. I love Steve and will miss him terribly… so many will. But beyond that, I know that he is in a better place now. Steve is home.

~ Stacy Drake


Back when I was a fledgling C4P blogger, I routinely visited other blogs and news sites to look for potential material. One of my favorite such blogs was American Thinker, and Steve was one of my favorite contributors to American Thinker.

He was an excellent writer and passionate supporter of Governor Palin, and I often blogged his pieces. At some point – and I’m fuzzy on the details and dates, although my best guess is that it was in 2010 – we decided to approach Steve and see if he might be interested in being a regular contributor to C4P.

Although I can’t remember the exact sequence of events, I do remember clearly that Steve was very excited to come on board. C4P was immeasurably strengthened by the addition of someone of his caliber, and we were obviously delighted to have him.

Over the years Steve gradually assumed more and more responsibilities at C4P, eventually becoming Editor-in-Chief.

Although I never had the honor of meeting Steve in person, over the course of several years blogging in the conservative trenches, we became good friends. Steve and I agreed on most things, and on the odd occasion we disagreed, we did so agreeably and respectfully.

I shall miss him greatly. Rest in peace, my friend.

~ Doug Brady


A few years ago, Steve and I were discussing living a healthier lifestyle. In the course of discussing things like, which is better: king crab legs or lobster (he said king crab legs, I was undecided), we discussed the benefits of infusing more veggies and fruits into our diets. I offhandedly mentioned that I was looking into getting a Ninja blender so I could make healthy shakes and increase my nutrition intake. It was a random thought mixed in a series of random thoughts and I didn’t give much thought outside of that moment.

But do you know what he did? Steve bought me a Ninja blender. I was stunned and amazed that he put any real weight into that one aspect of one of our very long conversations but really I shouldn’t have been; because Steve was an endlessly generous man with a heart two sizes too big.

That’s one of the things I think of when I think of Steve. His generosity, his warmth, his humor and laughter, and the wealth of compassion and empathy he so effortlessly bestowed.

~ Mary Beth House



Steve, Michelle, Governor Perry, Judge Jeanine Pirro, and I were all in the green room at the NRA convention in Houston watching the monitor while Governor Sarah Palin gave the keynote speech.

Todd Palin was watching too. Sort of. Steve noted that Todd was very concerned about something. Upon, getting more involved in the backstage chatter we discovered that Todd was concerned about missing their flight back to Alaska . It was very important not to miss the flight because a snow storm was coming and Todd needed to put chains on Bristol’s truck.

Steve and I noticed something else. Todd was holding Sarah Palin’s purse while the governor was on stage working.

Steve and I had an interesting discussion about this: Here’s a man taking a step back in order for his wife to flourish and bring home the bacon. While holding her purse! Isn’t this what the feminists have wanted since the sixties?

During our trip, we went to Galveston for a lunch meeting about the direction of C4P and midterm strategy. Steve drove. We had a blast listening to 80’s music, laughing, and debating which Texan lady in the passing cars had the most fabulous Bee-Hive Hair-do.

Even though Steve’s flight back home was 8-12 hours later than my flight back home he insisted that I not take a taxi to the airport. Steve wanted to drive me himself.

For some reason our hotel was at least 90 minutes from George Bush International Airport. Steve drove me to the airport, drove himself back to the hotel to check out, then drove himself all the way back to George Bush International later that night. All because he was a nice guy.

Nice guy is the perfect way to remember Steve. Steve’s default in life was to put the feelings and comfort of others before his own. There is a shortage of this in the country these days.

~ Thomas S Schmitz


I was so saddened to hear of the passing of Steve Flesher. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and loved ones.

Like so many others in the C4P family, I came to know Steve as we shared a love for Governor Sarah Palin, and passion for her Constitutional Conservative principles. I remember welcoming him into the C4P fold, excited to have his enthusiasm and sharp writing talent.

I don’t know how Steve found the time and energy to write blog posts and prepare people’s tax returns (I can’t seem to do either these days.)

But over the years, Steve has been so dedicated to continuing on the Palin legacy and grassroots movement— while also throwing much-needed counter-punches at the media on behalf of President Trump and his administration. I loved him for that!

I’m happy I had a chance to know Steve. His voice for grassroots conservatism will be missed. May he rest in peace.

~ Nicole Coulter


Steve Flesher and I became friends several years ago through our support of Gov. Sarah Palin. Though we never met in person, our work on her behalf drew us together and allowed me to see what a hardworking, loyal, and kind individual he was. We shared a mutual respect that was always present, even after I stopped writing for Conservatives4Palin. He always had a kind word and was an encouragement to me. He knew what he believed and why and was bold in expressing it.

During the 2016 election, I had the opportunity to interview him on my online radio show, The Right Voice, during which he articulated his support for Donald Trump, who was the frontrunner at the time. That interview further solidified for me Steve’s love for our country and the political process. He was a patriot. More than loving politics, however, I will remember his loving spirit toward me. It was tangible even on social media, which is where most of my engagement with him occurred. He was always kind to me, always encouraging, always a friend.

I am still in shock that Steve is gone. It hits me in waves, and I find myself shaking my head, hardly able to believe it. As much as I want to pay tribute to him in a way he deserves, this is one of the rare times I feel somewhat speechless. His passing reminds me how frail we are, why we must value each moment, and what really matters. My heart is broken that he is no longer with us — taken from us much too soon.

I am grateful I had the opportunity to get to know Steve and to call him friend.

~ Adrienne Ross



I learned of Steve’s death from Mel early Sunday morning. I couldn’t sleep and happened to be sitting in the living room of a farm house doing my best to pick up a weak WiFi signal at 4am. “Have you heard the news?” That’s always a question that can cause breath to be held. Could be good or bad.

It was bad. It was unexpected. And it was sad. I don’t exactly remember when or where Steve popped into my life because it seemed as if we’ve always known each other. He was not just a capable and steady steward of C4P and a solid supporter of the site’s namesake. He was also a solid friend and confidante.

Many times we’d text during the day or after work about all the trials that come with having a toe in politics. Other times we would call to talk about our day and what was going on in our lives without touching on politics. We’d reminisce about the events we attended like the NRA convention in Houston where we went for tacos and enchiladas afterwards and laughed at the absurdity of the Fox News personalities flitting around backstage trying to get a photo op w Gov Palin. Or the time we all drove to eastern Michigan to see Gov Palin give a speech in the dead of July. There’s a picture of a bunch of us around a bumper-sticker covered car in a parking lot of Applebee’s. We’re bright pink, sweaty and covered in grass but smiling.

Steve was always smiling no matter the setbacks going on at the website or in his own life. For him there was always a sunbeam to seek out. I hate that he’s gone; sad there will be no more phone calls or visits. The tragic circumstances of his passing make it hard to find adequate words of comfort. I can’t imagine how his family must feel. They’re in my thoughts and prayers. Their brother and partner was a good man, a selfless man and a bright light that was dimmed too soon.

I’m glad to have known Steve. We all need a Steve in our lives. If you’re lucky to have one make sure you tell them ‘thank you’, and that you love them.

Love you, Steve.

~ Michelle McCormick


Despite both of us living as conservatives in the blue bastion of Illinois, I regret that Steve and I never met in person. However, we had conversed numerous times through email, Facebook, and phone over the years.

His optimism and patriotism were infectious and ever-present in his conversations and his writing. It is the world’s loss that his life was needlessly cut short.

May God bless Steve and his family, and may we all live our lives with the same optimism in which Steve lived his.

~ Whitney Pitcher


Living so far out west, I never had the opportunity to meet Steve. But over the years his writings left me with no doubt that he was a kind, intelligent and well motivated man. He was generous of spirit and impressed me as being a true gentleman.

It was an honor when he asked me to join the C4P team. His commitment to this site is something that I appreciated and admired very much. He always set a good example with his good words and common sense.

I pray for God’s comfort and healing in the lives of Steve’s family and loved ones, as we lift them up and they seek the strength to go on without him.

~ MaMcGriz


Steve and I met over politics back in 2007.  We became good friends; I trusted him implicitly, something few people ever get from me.  He had a sweet spirit and genuinely wanted the world to be a better place.  We didn’t always agree, but what I loved most was his ability to make peace and treat every disagreement as a learning opportunity.  I will always envy that.

Whenever I hear a song by Madonna – or see a pair of Crocs – I will smile and think of my friend.  I will miss the times we didn’t get to have and cherish the times we did.

I will see you again one day, brother.

~ Mel Maguire



Gracious. Generous. Hard working. And a fabulous, jolly smile!

These are the words that come to mind when I think of Steve Flesher.

Though we never met, we wrote often in our Conservatives4Palin emails about getting a bunch of Palin supporters living in Chicagoland to meet in person for food and fun.

Steve was prolific in his writing and formidable in his ability to multi-task. After getting his degree in accounting, Steve worked in his family’s accounting firm, and amazed me with the way he would write and edit for C4P and work late hours during tax season.

Tax preparation can bring out the worst in people, but Steve handled the pressures and the complaints with humor and grace.

When I read the email about Steve’s death, I was in the middle of making dinner and literally dropped what I was holding and had to sit down. My heart and soul ached that we had lost such a kind, jovial, talented person.

I began to immediately mourn not only our loss, but also that we never had our gathering of Chicagoland commonsense, Constitutional conservative Palin supporters. It convinced me even more that if we say we want to meet with someone, we need to have the urgency of making that become a reality.

~ Jasmine Velasco


I am absolutely stunned by this awful news. Steve and I have stayed in touch on Facebook. We last conversed only a few weeks ago.

This is so incredibly hard to believe. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

~ Ernie Vogel


I’m so heartbroken. Steve was such an amazing person. Steve was always there for me and made me laugh. We worked so well together back when it was C4P and P4A.

So many people didn’t know that we were friends behind the scenes and worked in tandem. We could bounce ideas off each other. Some always thought it was one or the other of the sites but we actually worked together.

I have stayed in touch with Steve on Facebook and we have messaged back and forth thru the years. I just can’t believe he is gone. He leaves a big hole in the universe and in the Palin world.

~ Firelight


I am deeply saddened by this very tragic news. Steve was not only a very wonderful and caring person, but he welcomed me and helped me, and for that I shall always be thankful.

His thoughtfulness and compassion will be truly missed.

May Steve rest with God in his open arms forever. God Bless him.

~ Kevin Fobbs


My thoughts and prayers go out to Steve Flesher’s friends and family. May God provide them peace during this difficult time.

He was a very good man and will be missed.

~ Lipstick


Shocked and saddened to hear the awful news about Steve. Truly one of the good guys.

Praying that God will comfort his family and friends. What a terrible tragedy.

~ Bean Counter


Though I wasn’t close with Steve Flesher on a personal level, he was a respected and trusted colleague.

During Steve’s leadership at Conservatives4Palin, I transitioned more to a model of “coop-etition,” than competition. After I ceased operation of my own Palin site, I maintained contact with Steve and would comment on his personal Facebook timeline – when that platform’s algorithm would deign to show me a post of his. Eerily I had been commenting on his personal Facebook timeline only a few days ago about my unvarnished disdain for Mitt Romney. Little did anyone including Steve know that he had less than 48 hours to live.

I can be hot-tempered, demanding, have rather strong opinions, and some absolute points of view. Steve was always good with me – even if I was being an ass. He was a patient man, very friendly, and easy-going. He understood where I was coming from. He was like that with everyone. I respected that. A lot.

His sudden, and senseless death is yet another reminder that the world is a very dangerous and unforgiving place. One should never take life – or anyone for granted.

~ Ron Devito


I really enjoyed reading Steve’s writings in defense of Governor Sarah Palin.

RIP Steve

~ Mr. L


O4P, Organize For Palin was/is a family. Steve is a brother to all of us in #O4P

I never had the pleasure of meeting Steve in person, although we did communicate with each other. I remember Steve as a Patriot and staunch supporter of Sarah Palin.

Steve helped lay the bricks that brought us to our President Donald Trump. Without the tireless efforts of people like Steve we wouldn’t be where we are today draining the swamp.

With a heavy heart RIP Patriot Steve Flesher.

~ Bill Lichter


Governor Sarah Palin and Steve Flesher • August 3, 2012


Visitation will be from 1 pm to 7 pm  on Thursday, May 10th at:

Crete Funeral Home
1182 Main St. (Dixie Hwy)
Crete, Illinois 60417

Funeral service will follow.


Obituary for Stephen M. Flesher:

The world is a lessor place with the passing of Steve M. Flesher, 44 years old, of Crete. He was taken way too soon by a drunk driver on Saturday May 5, 2018.

Steve graduated from Colorado Tech University in 2008 with a Bachelor of Accounting, going on to become an Enrolled Agent for IRS in 2017. He ran the family accounting firm, Dobryznski Accounting, for the past 30 years alongside his Uncle Michael and Aunt Charlene Dobryznski.

Steve loved life and always had a smile on his face. Not only did light up the room but he managed to transfer that smile to all people he encountered. He was a proud Republican and editor of several political blogs. He had a passion for the Humane Society parenting 4 cats and rescuing/fostering animals throughout his life. Some of his favorite things were pizza, Palin, and people. On a warm summer days, he could be found jetskiing at his favorite place, Cedar Lake.

Steve is survived by his significant other, Christopher Lambert, sister Christine Gibson (nephew Anthony and niece Katherine), his two brothers Donald Hunt (Wife Tara and niece Anna), and Scott Hunt, and of course his friends. Steve was welcomed in the arms of his mother Katherine Hunt in heaven, who passed away in 2010.

Steve was a kind, warm, loving, thoughtful, and joyful person who will sorely be missed.




* all photo’s courtesy Steve Flesher




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