Sarah Palin shines in D.C. for Trump MAGA Coalition • Full Video


Sarah Palin was the headliner last night at a MAGA Coalition event held at the Trump International in Washington D.C. She had lots and lots to say!

She was brought to the stage by social media sensations Diamond and Silk, “A true patriot. We call her sassy and classy.”

Palin thanked the duo, saying “You are my sisters”, quipping that “I figure, if Kanye and Trump may be brothers” … leaving the comparison for the audience to decipher, then paid tribute to Kanye West’s independent thinking.

“I did read recently that Senator McCain”, Palin began to say, but was immediately met with raucous booing at the mere mention of his name. “We voted for you!”, one audience member loudly proclaimed. She went on to relate vice presidential anecdotes about Joe Biden and Mike Pence, better heard than described (watch the full video of her remarks below).

She asked rhetorically, “Where is the President’s line?”, explaining that when she was Governor, “I needed an offensive line to protect me so that I could bring the ball down the field for the people who I was serving.” She then brought the hammer down on GOP leadership. “Sometimes I wonder”, referencing Congressional leaders Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan and their failure to rally around Trump’s presidency, “Where is the line?”

The overall arc of Palin’s remarks was the challenge facing citizens to enable President Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ agenda. That responsibility does not fall alone on President Trump’s shoulders. America is a citizen government reliant on the participation of ‘We the People’.

Following her address, Governor Palin took a number of questions from the audience.


Watch her full speech:



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