That’s not what he told me!~ Sarah Palin on reports McCain regrets VP choice


Sarah Palin responded today to reports that Sen. John McCain now regrets selecting her as his 2008 vice presidential running mate.

“That’s not what Sen. McCain has told me all these years”, Palin told the Daily Mail today. “I attribute a lot of what we’re hearing and reading regarding McCain’s statements to his ghostwriter or ghostwriters”, she said, adding that each time she reads one of these recent reports it’s, “like a perpetual gut-punch”. On whether the reports are true, Palin said “I don’t know unless I heard it from Sen. McCain myself.

Indeed, if John McCain now regrets selecting Palin, it’s a 100% flip-flop. McCain has been asked many times over the years regarding his 2008 VP pick, and has always been quite supportive of his choice of Palin.

McCain told ABC’s ‘This Week’ in May of 2012, that it was Palin’s qualifications were the “primary factor” for his VP decision.

Later that same year in July, when former Vice President Dick Cheney called that decision a “mistake”, McCain rushed to her defense, saying “I’m proud of Sarah Palin, I’m proud of the job she did”.

McCain left no room for doubt in 2012, stating “I am convinced that Sarah Palin was a very strong attribute to our campaign, and I love her and admire her”, adding that he had “no second thoughts” in selecting her over other possible running mates.

Always gracious, Palin will “choose to remember the good times with him”, she told the Daily Mail. “In spite of everything that has erupted in these past days with his spokesperson – or perhaps he himself – saying that he regrets that they chose me to run on their ticket,” she said, “despite all that, he has been my friend.”


* feature image McCain/Palin rally • Alberquerque, New Mexico • September 12th, 2008



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