Gov. Sarah Palin Endorses U.S. Senate Candidate And Political Outsider Tony Monetti

This is an important endorsement.

We need more Senators from the private sector who aren’t lawyers or career politicians.

Tony Monetti is the right guy, at the right time, to help support POTUS’s agenda and KEEP AMERICA GREAT.

Check out Monetti4Senate HERE


The Republican Party is launching an extensive effort in Missouri to flip the seat of Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill. As Missouri went to President Trump in the 2016 presidential election, several Republicans launched campaigns to take the seemingly vulnerable Democrat seat.

Among those Republican candidates, Gov. Sarah Palin is endorsing Tony Monetti to help lead Missouri and the country. In her endorsement, Palin said that Monetti is a “red-blooded American hero” who is willing to fight to defend the U.S. Constitution as it is written, including peoples’ God-given rights.

A formal endorsement will take place when Palin visits the area during the “Pre-Primary Election Bash” in Kansas City, Missouri on June 27th. According to the Monetti campaign website, the event will be held at Kansas City LIVE! within one of the Midwest’s largest developmental areas, Kansas City Power & Light District.

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