Halibut season in Alaska with Todd and Sarah Palin

It’s halibut season in Alaska for the Palin family. Enjoy this batch of photos from Todd & Sarah of this years expedition in search of wild, fresh halibut!

Todd and Sarah made their annual trek to Whittier, Alaska to haul in this years catch of halibut.

Why do we go to Whittier? “Just for the halibut.”

Filling freezer with fresh, wild, organic protein!

T’is true ~ our clean organic meals aren’t wrapped in cellophane… it’s all gills & fur, scales & shells that when we’re lucky, we get to harvest ourselves.

Todd’s expert at harpooning huge halibut to get them to the boat then on to the dinner table along with Alaskan shrimp! ~ Sarah Palin






Transderm Scopolamine is a medicine for the prevention of sea sickness



Picking up a few shrimp pots along the way



* all photos courtesy Sarah Palin





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