Lexington business group condemns restaurant that refused to serve Sarah Sanders


A business advocacy group in Lexington, VA has strongly denounced the Red Hen restaurant for refusing to serve Trump press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

The small eatery made headlines this weekend when the owner of the restaurant approached Sanders’ table in the middle of their meal and requested that Sanders and seven other guests leave her establishment, explaining that Sanders and her party did not meet her standards.



The Press Secretary confirmed the Friday night incident in a tweet Saturday morning:


Historic Downtown Lexington Virginia, a business advocacy group for the small town, denounced Stephanie Wilkinson, owner of the Red Hen in a post Saturday morning on their Facebook page.

Shame on the Red Hen Restaurant and owner Stephanie Wilkinson who is also Director of Main Street Lexington.


How dare you embarrass our town and give Lexington a bad reputation. Being the Director of Main Street Lexington who supposedly promotes small business and tourism in our town. Shouldn’t you be bias while holding this position? You have created a bad image and reputation for yourself and our community. Many are quite upset and i have no doubt that there will be backlash.

Mr. President Trump and Secretary Sarah Sanders we sincerely apologize for the poor behavior.

This post is not about politics it’s about being respectful of one another.

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Historic Downtown Lexington followed up with a second post a few hours later, in an effort to contain the economic damage Wilkinson had inflicted on their small community, by sharing several of the comments users had written on their original post. The group claimed that of the 300+ comments already received, only four defended the actions of the restaurants owner.

Stephanie Wilkinson at Main Street Lexington!
Should you be able to represent our community if this is what type of comments are coming about!

Facebook Comment : Only 4 of 300+”I would skip the whole town based on this. What!!! Maybe my red shirt would be offensive or the color of my hair? I live in VA and will never forget this incident. Reflects so poorly on all!”————————————————-“Ms. Wilkinson clearly does not represent the best of Lexington. Those of us who live in the region, and LOVE living here, will ask anyone who hears of this incident to set it aside and not take it as a reflection of our region. Please visit the greater region of Rockbridge County, of which the town of Lexington is but one small part…I believe you’ll find that our hearts and minds are open and you’ll be received with the warm, gracious hospitality and respect that everyone deserves.”


“Thank you Historic Downtown Lexington Virginia. This did make a bad impression. It is time for this anger/HATE to calm down. This owner should not be in any position of promoting her town. Sad day in America when people have to be so divided!”


“This ESTABLISHMENT is RACIST and is full of HATE!! The town of Lexington should be very upset for what has occurred. THIS IS NOT AMERICA… ITS A TRUE ANTI AMERICAN PLACE!!!!”

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In a third post on their Facebook page, the group asked whether Stephanie Wilkinson should be allowed to keep her position as director of Main Street Lexington (another advocacy group for Lexington’s small business owners). The poll has already received over 18,000 votes. 82% of respondents said that Wilkinson should be removed from her director position.


In a fourth post this morning, the group once again asked the public not to condemn their small town for the actions of one business owner.

We do not condone the actions of Stephanie Wilkinson, owner of the Red Hen Restaurant and Director of Main Street Lexington.

The negative impact and nasty backlash towards our little community is downright appalling.

Please do not condemn our town for one persons actions.

To The People, Mr. President Trump & Secretary Sarah Sanders we sincerely apologize for the poor behavior and decision of ONE PERSON!

If you feel the need to express your negative comments, please re-direct them to Stephanie Wilkinson directly. Thank You.  

Lexington’s downtown is a thriving collection of shops and restaurants housed in restored buildings with brick sidewalks and old fashioned lantern street lamps that serve the many visitors and tourists that come here all year long. Enjoy this short video highlighting some of the many great places to visit.

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In an interesting side note, it was revealed this morning on social media that Stephanie Wilkinson, the owner of the Red Hen is none other than the cousin of far-left Hollywood extremist Meryl Streep!




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