Los Angeles Times: Did Democrats Sleep Through California Election Day?

Here in California we have a CRAZY (and relatively new) election law.

A couple election cycles ago an insane change was made to our elections laws for primaries.

Instead of the candidate who receives the most votes FROM EACH PARTY moving on to election day in November, the new law states that the top two candidates who receive the most votes advance from the primary to election day REGARDLESS OF PARTY.

The effects of this law were most dramatically displayed during the 2013 election cycle.

For the office of Mayor of Los Angeles we had a “choice” between Democrat Wendy Greuel (endorsed by Nancy Pelosi) or Democrat Eric Garcetti (endorsed by Barack Obama).

I cast a write-in vote for my Siamese cat.

Luckily, on Tuesday, Republican Gubernatorial candidate John H. Cox received enough votes to advance to election day in November. Had he not obtained enough votes we would have had a “choice” between two Democrats for Governor of California!

via The Los Angeles Times:

Judging from Tuesday’s primary results, the “blue wave” in California means Democrats waving at their polling places as they drove by.

Final numbers on voter participation won’t be in for a while, but turnout seems unexceptional. With more than 97% of the precincts reporting, less than 21% of registered voters had cast ballots. That’s in line with the anemic turnout in the 2014 primary, and far, far below the five previous midterm election primaries.

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