Todd, Sarah, and Piper • Slammin’ Salmon!


Last week the Palin’s were harvesting halibut. Their next stop was Todd’s hometown of Dillingham for a salmon haul along the Nushagak river.

The river is known to host the largest King Salmon run in the world.

On Summer Solstice ~ Slammin’ Salmon in Bristol Bay! Thankful Piper’s attitude is the best ~ in cold, rainy, windy ‘round the clock commercial fishing conditions, she’s quite the crew! – Sarah Palin








* all photos courtesy Sarah Palin


Nushagak was a trade center and settlement near the present-day site of Dillingham, Alaska, United States, at the northern end of Nushagak Bay in northern Bristol Bay. It was located near the confluence of the Wood and Nushagak Rivers. (Wikipedia)




* See the Palin’s halibut harvest HERE




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