MUST WATCH VIDEO: Steelworker Brought to Tears Talking About How Trump Has Helped American Workers

Back in 2014 Governor Sarah Palin shined a light on the plight of the previously ignored Forgotten Man. The people who run our factories, raise our kids, and DON’T protest, DON’T burn things down, DON’T throw rocks at people, and DON’T shut down freeways have been ignored by politicians for decades.

The Forgotten Man (and The Forgotten Women) just want to work hard, get a decent pay check, raise their families, and have a safe neighborhood. That’s it. They’re not loud, angry, and destructive. They don’t have the time – they’ve got work to do.

Many of us knew at the very moment Governor Palin used the phrase: “The Forgotten Man” she was paving the way for a new approach to conservative political ethos; and changing the GOP platform for the better.

President Trump took this new political ethos and ran with it.

He has made The Forgotten Man a priority in his administration – and now, THE FORGOTTEN MAN IS FORGOTTEN NO MORE!

via You-Tube:

***NOTE***: The imagery in this post was created by conservative artist Jon McNaughton:

Mr. McNaughton is rapidly on his way to become “the new Norman Rockwell”.

I prefer to paint pictures that I believe have relevance to what is going on in the world, that make a statement, that stand for something” – Jon McNaughton

Check out more of Mr. McNaughton’s work HERE.

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