Renegade Street Artist “SABO” Punks Sacha Baron Cohen In Hollywood

Last night in Hollywood the controversial street-artist SABO took to the streets of Los Angeles and gave Sacha Baron Cohen a taste of his own medicine.

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As controversial and borderline “bad taste” as SABO‘s art can often be, I think he serves an important roll in fighting globalism and making America great again. The corporate media and the Democrats have proven that they are willing to stoop to ANY low to gain quick political points. It’s important that we acknowledge this, remember this, and realize that in order to win this battle there are times when we must “fight fire with fire“.

SABO has a unique way of getting out important conservative political messaging to the masses in a way that is modern, clever, and usually crass. His greatest gift is that his street-art appeals to the next generation, and breaks down the tired narrative that “Conservatives are stuffy old people with an antiquated vision of America”.

Liberals present themselves as the “cool” and “edgy” side of the aisle that appeals to young people. This couldn’t be further than the truth. SABO tears down this lie by producing political art that our next generation easily absorbs. Millennial’s understand, and are drawn to online memes so ferociously that oftentimes online memes are their ONLY source of political information. Many of them wouldn’t even hear the conservative side of arguments on political issues if it wasn’t for SABO‘s renegade street-art.

Keep up the good work Mr. SABO!

via The Hollywood Reporter:

Sacha Baron Cohen Criticized for “Stolen Valor” on Hijacked Billboard Near CBS Offices

A street artist took over a Los Angeles billboard early Monday morning by using a crew to place a gigantic overlay on top of a legitimate ad for the ‘Young Sheldon’ show on CBS.

The prankster Sacha Baron Cohen has himself been pranked, courtesy of a conservative street artist who hijacked a billboard across the street from CBS studios near the corner of Beverly Blvd. and Fairfax Ave. in Los Angeles.

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