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      1. indemind

        Ma have you heard of anything going on at C4P site …. I get the same old “We’re undergoing some major site updates and revisions but we’ll be back online soon!”

  1. myfairlady

    I wonder what is going on after seeing this:
    Fox News
    39 mins ·
    The ship is the first of the Queen Elizabeth (QE) Class aircraft carriers and is embarking on its very first transatlantic journey.

    Biggest-ever British warship joins forces with most powerful American stealth fighter jets

    Britain’s largest-ever warship, the HMS Queen Elizabeth, is joining forces with the American-made most powerful stealth fighter jets in the world.

    The ship is the first of the Queen Elizabeth (QE) Class aircraft carriers and is embarking on its very first transatlantic journey. The giant warship will arrive off the eastern coast of the United States where it will start the first flight trials with the fifth generation Lightning II Joint Strike fighter jets.

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  2. JRD

    CNN tried to doxx the jurors a he Manafort trial.

    Judge T.S. Ellis said he’s received “threats” as he’s presided over Paul Manafort’s criminal trial, and said he’s not willing to disclose jurors’ names and addresses per media requests.

    The Left sucks!

  3. myfairlady

    Wow! She really is a snake!

    Josh Caplan
    17h17 hours ago
    NYT: Omarosa Manigault Newman is believed to have as many as 200 tapes

  4. myfairlady


    13h13 hours ago
    Just received this story from a source with a note saying, “Rod called a very private internal meeting on this two days ago to discuss his exposure and previous sworn testimony.”

    What Was Bruce Ohr Doing?
    Justice releases some damning documents, but much of the truth is still classified.

  5. myfairlady

    1h1 hour ago
    On Tuesday, DOJ asked the WH “for a little time” to respond to breaking Bruce Ohr revelations (Trump was not amused) A rare overture was made from RR to Nunes & Grassley for an idea what all they have so they can “better prepare to address upcoming concerns.” Which is…hilarious

  6. myfairlady

    I will be glad when everyone find their way back to the site. It’s pretty empty right now. And you can’t even log anything on disq. I guess they locked us out, or something. I would have thought that Ma would be here by now.

      1. MaMcGriz

        No, nothing yet.
        Our disqus comments are where MBH is needing to work, so I can understand the need to get a handle on all the threads.
        And I don’t have my WP notifications turned on, so I dang near missed your replies. I had to log in to see them.

  7. myfairlady
  8. myfairlady

    Now they see that Brennan is losing his mind. He is erratic and they should stop putting him on tv.

    Glenn Greenwald
    ?Verified account
    Aug 18
    Almost 100,000 people re-tweeted @JohnBrennan moronically & recklessly accusing Trump of *treason* for his Helsinki press conference, only for him now to casually admit it wasn’t & deny he said it. Brennan is a pathological liar, a torture advocate, a killer & a #Resistance icon:

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      1. gelston the knowitall

        checking in on August 20th
        ready to die of forest fire smoke out here in the Great Pacific Northwest
        hope all is good with everyone else.
        see you againa soon

        1. MaMcGriz

          It’s like Mars over here this morning, Doc.

          I feel for folks having to be out in it and working.

          The weather forecast last night indicated no relief until the weekend.

          Let’s pray for rain.

          1. indemind

            Hi MaMcGriz: or anyone who knows ….. Any word on C4P site. Are we still working on it. I still get : “We’re undergoing some major site updates and revisions but we’ll be back online soon!”

            1. MaMcGriz

              Hi inde….as far as I know that’s the latest, so I can’t add anything helpful at this time. I check often, and always with high hopes.
              I’m glad to see you checking too.
              I miss everyone.

  9. myfairlady

    Gosh! So much going on and our group is not here to discuss it. I miss that!

    Of all the things going on today, the story about the Illegal Alien killing little Mollie in Iowa! All the rest is Washington talking points, junk that has nothing to do with Trump!!

  10. myfairlady

    Oh man, they’re picking our republican officials off one by one. It was Collins in New York last week and now it’s Duncan Hunter and his wife being arrested for campaign fraud or something. Where are the charges against all the democrats who we know don’t have clean hands!!

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