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  1. myfairlady

    This is funny!

    Larry Elder
    ?Verified account
    18m18 minutes ago
    “Was it something I said?”



  2. myfairlady

    The Dimms were too quick to try to blame hacking (Russia) on what was going on with their computers, which turned out to be a cyber security test. Hmmm. Wonder if the media will correct their reports?

    Paul Beckett
    ?Verified account
    1h1 hour ago
    Never mind: DNC says the reported attempt to hack into its voter database was a false alarm … via @WSJ

  3. myfairlady

    Yes, they did have a taxpayer account to pay off women. Hello Pot, how can you shake your finger at the Kettle. LOL!

    Dr.Darrell Scott
    ?Verified account
    7h7 hours ago
    Didn’t Congress have a taxpayer funded account to pay off Women that the Congressman had inappropriate sexual relationships with?

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  4. myfairlady

    Somebody got to Lanny and told him that they had better be telling the truth about things Cohen testified about before Congress. So now they’re back tracking on some of those outlandish stories they made last week. LOL!

    Ryan Saavedra ??
    ?Verified account
    5h5 hours ago
    Michael Cohen’s lawyer, Lanny Davis, destroys a CNN report from July where they claimed that Cohen was willing to tell investigators that Trump authorized the Trump Tower meeting with Russians, says Cohen “does not” have any information that Trump knew about the meeting.


  5. myfairlady

    This is the first time that I’ve heard about the “Waters of the US (WOTUS) Act”. Obama did all kinds of crazy things to take away our freedoms while he was in office.

    Marsha Blackburn
    V?erified account
    1h1 hour ago
    The Obama administration’s Waters of the US (WOTUS) rule threatens Tennessee farmers & ranchers with unnecessary, burdensome regulations. Another example of unconstitutional gov’t overreach. Yesterday, I signed a letter asking Farm Bill conferees to #repealWOTUS once and for all.


    1. indemind

      Hey MaMcGriz: Any word on C4P site. Are we still working on it. I still get : “We’re undergoing some major site updates and revisions but we’ll be back online soon!”

  6. susiepuma

    I sure hope the site comes back up. Whenever I click on C4P – it says the site is undergoing repairs or updates but will be up and running again soon……………………I get on this post in some convoluted way but at least it is a connect.
    I haven’t talked to VG1 lately but plan to call and find out how they are doing with Florence and everything. I believe he talks to MaMcGriz and she may have info. If I find out anything, I will post it here.

    1. Sarahsoldier

      It’s weird because from Safari’s browser I get the updates message, from Duck Duck Go, I get this site. I hope they let us know if they give up on the site, maybe somebody can start something else.

  7. susiepuma

    I just got off the phone with VG and he told me that the group is still working on the site and that it will be back. We had to get off the phone as a rainstorm with lightening and thunder was starting so he is going to call me back when the storm lets up. They have a lot of water but are not stranded but he did say the creeks and rivers are rising and there are flooded low lying areas around. They mostly got the backside of the storm ….what he said would normally be called a noreastern…………………….I will post again when VG calls me back……..started to give me a health update so I want to hear more……………….

  8. susiepuma

    Okay…..had a nice conversation with VG…………………sun is now shining in Virginia……………bad news, he is now living on an island and doesn’t know for how long but said water would have to rise another 7-8 feet to flood them out. Is debating with himself, K and God on a new medical procedure and whether or not he want to do it. Said he doesn’t quite understand the whole thing about the site except that whatever Steve did – MaryBeth and Izzy are trying to figure out………they are hoping to get site up and running again……Any geeks out there send an email to admin and ask if you can help or if it’s all under control……………………….

    1. susiepuma

      Oh so sorry to hear that………………………… of my friends here in AZ had a complete hysterectomy done about a month ago…….uterus was full of cancer and she was/is a survivor of breast cancer long ago……….she is looking better and is getting around slowly but is not taking chemo or using radiation….said that things have changed a lot since her first go around with cancer and she is on the holistic side of medicine right now.and her doctor is giving her 3 months and then discussions will take place…………………..and her oldest daughter was just diagnosed with breast cancer and is having a lumpectomy on Thursday this week………………my friend and the other females in her family believe it is connected to the thyroid – they have issues with that gland

  9. indemind

    Hi to all my fellow Barbarians. – I see some of us are still praying for the C4P site to return… ME 222222. So lets keep up this site, so we can keep up to whats happening….

  10. myfairlady

    Just checking in to see if the site is back. Sure miss everybody and discussing all the important events that are happening.

    I’m glad the hearings are over that and that Kavanaugh delivered a punch to the dimms face in his introduction!! I was in tears. Praying for him and his family and hoping that the dimms suffer at the polls in November. Take care!

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