After Airstrike, Israel trolls Iran in the Best Way Possible


During, and after an attack on Iranian Quds targets in Syria, the IDF posted a series of Tweets aimed at the Iranian regime in Tehran.


The Jerusalem Post reported on the military action:

IDF fighter jets struck Iranian and Syrian military targets, air defense batteries and Quds Forces positions throughout Syria in the predawn hours of Monday, in response to the firing of a missile a day earlier toward the Golan Heights.

The IDF said that the missile had been fired by Iranian forces in Syria with the intention of hitting the northern Golan. The missile was intercepted by the Iron Dome.

The IDF attack targeted military targets belonging to Iran’s Quds Force in Syria, including weapons storage sites, a site at Damascus International Airport, an Iranian intelligence site, and an Iranian training camp. (JPost)


In a most unusual move, the IDF announced the strike as it was taking place. Unknown is which came first, the missiles or the tweet.


Follow-up tweets were issued during the course of the activity.


The IDF finished off the tweetstorm with a not so subtle message to remind the regime that they’d be better off staying in their own backyard.


* Israeli F-15i photo courtesy Tomás Del Coro


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4 thoughts on “After Airstrike, Israel trolls Iran in the Best Way Possible

  1. MaMcGriz

    The Israelis have cajones!
    And talent!
    And humor!
    And good aim!
    And snow!
    And Iron Dome…..
    And lots and lots of weapons and ammo.

    Iran should go home where they belong, while they still can.

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