Berkeley, California approves 25-cent fee on disposable cups


The price of coffee and soft drinks is set to jump as the mecca for overbearing regulation inserts itself deeper into the lives of its citizens.


via The Sacramento Bee:

Patrons of restaurants and coffee shops in Berkeley, California, who don’t bring a reusable cup for their beverage will have to pay a 25-cent fee for a disposable cup as part of an ordinance approved by city officials to reduce restaurant waste.

Berkeley’s City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to approve the fee on single-use cups that will take effect January 2020.


The ordinance, called Disposable-Free Dining, also requires restaurants to provide takeout containers that are compostable by mid-2020 and to provide only reusable plates and utensils for those eating in. It also says other disposable items, like lids and stirrers, can only be offered when requested.


Aside from the increased cost, the law is set to wreak havoc on restaurants that rely on drive through service as part of their successful business models. Arriving at the pick-up window, customers will now be expected to hand over their reusable containers to have their beverage filled, guaranteeing much longer wait times for orders to be completed. That’s a lot of additional gasoline being burned as customers spend more time idling in drive through lanes.

Forget about those handy apps that allow you arrive knowing that your order is waiting. That type of convenience ordering will not be possible with the new ordinance.

It is also a recipe for transmitting disease, as food service workers will be forced to handle the personal drinking cups of hundreds of customers, mixing and blending potentially harmful microbes from one customer’s cup to the next, spreading a bacterial cocktail throughout the community. At least disposable cups were assumed to be germ free.

The law will take effect just two months after the minimum wage in the city is set to rise to $15 an hour. A double whammy for business owners, courtesy their city council.


* feature photo courtesy Marco Verch


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4 thoughts on “Berkeley, California approves 25-cent fee on disposable cups

  1. M.Minnesota

    So, when I bring my own beverage holder as they advise me to avoid a 25 cent markup. Will the brainless in Berkley be benevolent enough so that I could bring my “Make America Great Again” travel coffee mug? Could I bring my C4P coffee travel mug in?

    Reminds me of a case that went all the way to the US Supreme Court where one of the litigants in 2008 had a Alaska sweat shirt to the election polls.she was asked not to wear it because people would think of Palin while voting.

      1. mjosephsheppard

        Ah there you are at last! Missed your wit and wisdom. Can you please give me an update-is this site replacing the original one or is it a temp while there is a rebuild? I really missed the great team and genuine family of online friends and occasional combat at C4P which was a beacon of sanity among so much blog dross.
        I write at PPD news @ppd and of course am at twitter. Kind regards and happy memories Mike Sheppard NB is The Virginia gentleman OK?

  2. LuvGuvSP

    Hello Mike! It’s LuvGuvSP! Been trying to find site etc & happen to come across & be able to get into this article. I, too, have the same exact questions (and sentiment) you asked Ma. Did you ever get any answers? Gonna go keep poking around & see what I can find.

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