Covington Mom: Our Boys were “Targeted” for Being Christian, Pro-Life, their Skin Color, and wearing MAGA Hats


Jill Hamlin, a Covington Catholic mother who chaperoned students to D.C. tells Fox & Friends what happened on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

Asked if the boys were targeted for wearing MAGA hats, Hamlin replied:

“I think that was one of the reasons they were targeted. And I think they were also targeted for what they stood for. Which is Christianity, the Right for Life, and they were singled out. And I believe partially because of the color of their skin, they were targeted.”


Hamlin spoke about the “horrific insults” directed at students as they gathered on the steps of the memorial to await buses for their return trip home.

“They were screaming horrible, horrible things that I will not repeat to our children. To children. Not adults. They were screaming them at children.

She confirmed that students asked and received permission from a teacher to sing school cheers. “We wanted to drown out the hate. The hatred message that was being thrown at our children.”

Asked about the initial statement released by the Diocese of Covington condemning the students, Hamlin said she was, “very, very disheartened and saddened that they rushed to judgement”.

She expressed concern for the threats of violence against Covington students and their families that forced officials to cancel school today. “It’s scary. My son works. I’ve been nervous to have him even go to his job. I don’t know who’s out there and what they’re doing.”

“We just don’t know what the volatility of the situation is with these people that react, and they don’t know the full story, and it’s very scary.”


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2 thoughts on “Covington Mom: Our Boys were “Targeted” for Being Christian, Pro-Life, their Skin Color, and wearing MAGA Hats

  1. MaMcGriz

    This entire community needs to be lifted up in prayer.

    To my mind, this kind of situation is barely a few degrees off of the kryitallnacht attacks in 1930s Germany. In Covington’s case it’s a digitally-induced mob being induced and enabled, with the declared intent to attack and destroy the lives and daily functionality of an entire community, whose inhabitants are clearly justified in feeling afraid.
    The apparent failures so far by the school community’s leadership have been costly.
    Lawlessness and evil have descended upon their children and rushed into their lives, with the school being the portal through which it came.
    And when the alarm sounded, the leaders blamed the children and tried to appease the advancing beast.

    Like the crashing and conflagration of kristallnachts past, this shattering and setting ablaze of an entire community’s peace of mind and de facto safety and security were all done on a pretext. In other words, it was all based on lies and sanctioned by the powers that be.

    And like germany and all other places where such evil is set upon innocent people, it’s not about the lies and who’s responsible when the shops are ablaze and there’s broken glass everywhere and the attacks keep coming. It’s about surviving the attack and dealing with the damage.

    But unlike hitler’s germany, we are Americans and this is America, and Americans will stand against the agitators, taking what the enemy would use as a flash point and making it instead a turning point, that sees flaming lawlessness drenched by the truth and a commitment to the rule of law.

    1. M.Minnesota

      Agreed on all points. The Attack on the Covington Kids (Who are Pro-Life etc) Is Barry Sotero (and more recently Bernie Sanders) Berating Christians to get off their high horse.

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