Florida sanctions Airbnb for anti-Semitic BDS policy


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has taken regulatory action against global rental housing behemoth Airbnb. The move came in response to Airbnb’s decision last November to remove all listings from Jewish owned homes in the West Bank.

The governor announced Tuesday that Florida employees will no longer be reimbursed for Airbnb stays while traveling, as the state considers economic sanctions over the home-sharing platform’s decision against listing properties in the West Bank, an area that is a major flashpoint in Israeli-Palestinian relations.

“My hope is that Airbnb will rescind that policy,” DeSantis said during an appearance at the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County in Boca Raton. “I don’t think they quite understood what they were getting into on this.”

Claiming a “moral obligation” to oppose the Airbnb property-listing policy for the West Bank, DeSantis said the State Board of Administration will determine by the end of this month if Airbnb is subject to a new Florida law that prohibits state investment in companies that boycott Israel. (TC Palm)

Capital Research reported last November that “Airbnb announced that it would be removing all listings from Israeli settlements in the West Bank. The news came after supporters of the boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) movement campaigned for Airbnb to remove the listings.”

The Wall Street Journal pointed out the hypocrisy of the Airbnb decision:

Airbnb lists homes in Moroccan-occupied Western Sahara, one of the world’s most brutal occupations. It lists vacation homes in northern Cyprus, which Turkey invaded, expelling almost all Greek Cypriots and expropriating their homes. Nor does Airbnb have a problem serving Kashmir, Tibet and other such places. Last week a Kohelet Policy Forum report revealed many major companies active in the West Bank also do business in occupied territories and with settler regimes around the world, without a word of criticism from the groups that pressured Airbnb.

During an appearance with the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County, DeSantis said, “Efforts to boycott, divest, and sanction the State of Israel, not only harm one of our strongest allies, but it represents a form of economic warfare that targets the worlds only Jewish state.”

The Orlando Sentinel has video of Governor DeSantis’ remarks.



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2 thoughts on “Florida sanctions Airbnb for anti-Semitic BDS policy

  1. MaMcGriz

    Three big cheers for Florida’s Governor DeSantis!

    Let’s hope the State Board of Administration quickly follows suit and finds airbnb’s move runs afoul of Florida’s anti-BDS law.

    It’s always great to see the haters get outed, and even greater when it’s costing them money and corporate credibility.

  2. Lana

    I am noticing an alarming increase of anti-Jewish posts on even conservative forums lately. I am not surprised, given the liberalism of American Jews, but dismayed to see it. Sometimes it is subtle and sometimes not, but it’s definitely growing. Or maybe it’s still part of the disinformation campaigns continually run by liberal trolls who pretend to be conservatives. I don’t know. I’d be a bit worried if I were Jewish…seems like they’ve seen this before.

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