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Greetings friends and patriots

As you can see, we’re still not quite ready for a full site relaunch, but in preparation, we’ve been adding new content for the past few days.

You’ll note some of the new posts on the sidebar. Also at the bottom of the page  you will see arrows directing toward “previous” and “next” posts. For the moment, that is the only easy way to navigate onsite. As soon as we get our homepage restored, everything will be back to normal.

You will also see that Disqus is currently absent. There was a major corruption of our Disqus data, and reintegrating their commenting platform will take a bit more time.

For the present, we are relying on the default WordPress commenting system. Unlike Disqus, WordPress does not update in real time, so you will have to refresh the page to see replies and new comments. It will have to do for the moment.

We’ve missed you all, and are very happy to be well on our way to restoring C4P.



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25 thoughts on “Open Thread • January 22-24, 2019

  1. myfairlady

    Thank you guys so much for what you do. I am so thankful that the site is back and continue to get better.

    I was wondering if anyone has talked to or heard from VG and the Boss on how they’re doing? I think about and pray for them all the time.

  2. Lana

    Thanks for the Open Thread too!!!

    It seems to me that we are better off without Disqus. Their goals were not necessarily compatible with ours in many cases and most of the real problems came from there.

    Now if we could just get more of our posters back, we can return to our great forum. I missed it but quit looking for it until I got an email that it was back up again. It was greatly missed.

  3. myfairlady

    I think Trump is finally getting read to declare the National Emergency. The Dems are just playing games with him at this point, I think he finally realizes there’s no hope of negotiating with them. They are really clowning, and could care less about the government workers.

  4. myfairlady

    Voter Fraud in Texas

    Texas: 58K non-US citizens voted in elections over 22 years

    Russell Falcon

    Phil Prazan
    Posted: Jan 25, 2019 / 02:48 PM CST / Updated: Jan 25, 2019 / 04:31 PM CST
    AUSTIN (KXAN) — An evaluation by the Texas Secretary of State’s office discovered that about 95,000 people identified by the Texas Department of Public Safety as non-U.S. citizens have a matching voting registration record. The state claims 58,000 of those people voted in one or more state elections over 22 years.

    Continue reading: . . .

  5. indemind

    Just finished watching “Judgment At Nuremberg” and IMO we should take The House and Senate along with the WHOLE Justice System and make them all watch the movie over and over like the movie “Clock Work Orange”…. Great last line where Burt Lancaster said “He didn’t know that it would come to this end. (6.000,000 jews died). This answer from Spencer Tracy: “It Came To That the Moment You Sentenced a Man To Die That You Knew To Be innocent.”

  6. myfairlady

    Lori M. Hack
    5 hrs ·

    Evil days indeed. “What Newly Elected Kelli Ward walked into a real mess when she went into the AZGOP HQ in Phoenix after she trounced former Chairman Jonathan Lines. Reports say files were scattered all over, equipment dumped onto the floor and computers are reportedly missing. What a mean thing to do. Yes, indeed, the locks have been changed.” 1.29.19 Republican Briefs #AZGOP

  7. myfairlady

    Under Secretary of Defense: President Trump Can Build The Wall Without Declaring A National Emergency

    President Donald Trump can build the southern border Wall without using the national emergency option, according to an undersecretary of President Trump’s Defense Department.

    ??Josh Cornett??
    During a Armed Services hearing, Under Secretary of Defense for Policy John Rood confirmed that existing federal law (10 U.S.C. 284) permits @realDonaldTrump to direct the military to #BuildTheWall without declaring a national emergency.

    11:17 PM – Jan 29, 2019

  8. myfairlady

    Pssst …Wanna See The Poll That Has The DNC Pulling Its Hair Extensions/Plugs Out?
    Posted on January 30, 2019 by DCWhispers

    President Trump is as popular a presidential candidate AMONG DEMOCRATS as is Bernie Sanders and is within single digits of Kamala Harris and Joe Biden.

    It’s the poll result that has the DNC screaming WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON HERE!!??

    The answer is simple. Despite the ongoing 24/7 anti-Trump media, the Trump economy is doing well and President Trump has proven to be someone who does what he says and a whole lot of Democrats are quietly taking notice. It’s why the president’s approval among black and Hispanic voters is at an all time high for a Republican president. Remember all those polls in 2016 that had Hillary Clinton easily beating Donald Trump? Then we found out Trump’s true polling was a good 10 points higher than what the left-leaning national polls were reflecting. Those same flawed polls have Trump hovering at around 45% approval which means that once again his true approval rating is likely comfortably in the +50% margin and a big reason why is what’s reflected in the graphic below—President Trump and his many successes continue to make serious inroads with Democrat voters.


  9. myfairlady

    Well I’m surprised he said this out loud on TV. I wonder what the back lash will be for him being honest about Trump. He must need something. . .

    Joe Scarborough: I’ve never heard Trump ‘say anything close to being’ racist behind closed doors

    MSNBC host Joe Scarborough declared Tuesday morning that he never heard President Trump utter a racist word in the 12 years that they were friends.

    Mr. Scarborough, a former Republican and former personal friend of Mr. Trump who now identifies as an independent and routinely criticizes the president, said on “Morning Joe” that he never knew the president to be racist or to use racially charged rhetoric.

    “We saw him for 12 years behind closed doors,” Mr. Scarborough said, gesturing to his wife and co-host Mika Brzezinski, according to a clip flagged by Newsbusters.

    “Never, ever, once — I’ll say it under oath, I’ll put it into an affidavit — never once heard him say anything close to being racially insensitive,” he told former Trump White House aide Cliff Sims, who was on the show to promote his new tell-all book “Team of Vipers.”

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