Watch the 2019 March for Life from Beginning to End


This amazing time-lapse video is from today’s March for Life in Washington D.C. 500,000 people? One million? View and decide. Let us know your best guess.

You will not see this on mainstream media. They do not want America to know how strong the Pro-Life community is in our country.


Also available for viewing is the rally on the National Mall. Vice President Pence and President Donald Trump addressed the crowd. Other speakers included Ben Shapiro, Sen. Steve Daines of Montana (who just today announced that he is forming the first pro-life caucus in the Senate),  and Alveda King, niece of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.



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One thought on “Watch the 2019 March for Life from Beginning to End

  1. Lana

    I couldn’t get this to play as a video.

    Nice crowd, looks like.

    Choose life in every way. It’s a whole mind set, not just an issue about abortion. It’s a way of seeing the world you live in, of seeing yourself, of understanding something of the divine in each of us. Abortion is just one thing that brutalizes us.

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