History and Purpose

Conservatives 4 Palin is composed of ordinary citizens from a wide variety of backgrounds, political and otherwise, who have dedicated their spare time to rectifying the great wrong committed against Sarah Palin, an honest and honorable leader, during the 2008 election. During — and the in the wake of — that election many of this site’s contributors watched with horror and helplessness as a decent and sincere woman was savaged by a biased media.

After the election ended several of the site’s original contributors were regulars in the comment sections of the Palin posts that were a constant feature at Hot Air at the time. It became increasingly clear that fall that the mainstream media had no desire to set the record straight on Palin. No one had her back. It was a frustrating situation for people who were well-informed on her record and political philosophy.

In an effort to set the record straight, one of those Hot Air regulars set up a Google blogger site and bought the domain name “Conservatives 4 Palin” for $10.

Since that original $10 investment, C4P has grown in both size and scope, had pitched battles with a few “corrupt bastards” and sundry anklebiters, gotten a bit of attention from the “lamestream” media, and built a community of “ordinary barbarians.” Most importantly, C4P has set the record straight on more occasions than can be listed here.

Conservatives 4 Palin is not a “Draft Sarah Palin” website. It is irrelevant to us whether Sarah Palin runs for president, or runs for any other elected office. If she were to say, “I’ve had enough. I’m going to leave the public stage and ride snowmachines in the winter and fish in the summer,” we would still support her.

We are not, however, cult followers or groupies of Sarah Palin. And we’re not mindless “Palinbots.” We’ve studied her record — that’s why we like her and support her.

We are “Conservatives for Palin” because we support her vision of an energy independent America that is more peaceful and more prosperous because we rely on our own resources. We support her respect for the culture of life. We support her belief in limited government and true free market capitalism — not the crony capitalism that once festered in Alaska or the corporatism that is currently taking hold in this country. We support her belief that America must be strong in order to be peaceful. The contributors here do not all agree with her on every issue. We often disagree with each other on specific issues. But we support the overall common sense conservative philosophy that Sarah Palin affirms. Above all we respect her courage and integrity as a true reformer.

And we’ve got her back.


Conservatives4Palin (C4P) is not associated with or authorized by Sarah Palin, SarahPAC, or any candidate or campaign. C4P is an independent grassroots blog displaying the work of various contributors. The views expressed here are those of the individual C4P contributors. Readers should not assume that Sarah Palin, SarahPAC, or the C4P contributors as a whole share the views expressed by any individual contributor. Refer to our Authors page for a list of our contributors.