The Door is Open

Guest Submission by Del Parker A day before leaving for CPAC I posted on the CPAC Meetup thread, for Conservatives4Palin, what I would be looking for in Gov. Palin’s CPAC address.  The first item on ... read more

The Beltway Ambush

Guest Submission by Ervin Sims   When is a tax cut not a tax cut?  When it is a Social Security Premium payroll deduction cut.  There has been a lot in the news about how the Republicans in the House ... read more

The Dark Horse

Guest Submission by Nathan Santos Since Gen Xers (cohort born between 1961-81 according to William Strauss and Neil Howe) have been entering leadership positions in government, the political extremes have ... read more

Indoctrinated Youth

Guest Submission by Madeleine McAulay The youth of America have been President Obama’s number one supporters since 2008. The Youth are easily blinded by Obama’s mesmerizing speeches, and his, “Hope and ... read more