Q: How do I register to post comments on the site?

A: Please check out this post for a step by step guide on how to register and post comments.

Q: I’m a long time supporter of this site and have suddenly been blocked from posting. Any reasons why?

A: Disqus sometimes plays up. Try logging out from Disqus and logging back in. This should resolve the issue. If it does not, try again in a short while. Clearing your cache on a regular basis may also reduce problems (Click here for instructions on how to clear you cache).

Q: I just posted a comment, it showed up on top, but when I refreshed the page my comment disappeared.

A: When you post a comment it will often automatically display on top of the thread. After you refresh the page your comment will move to it’s correct position at the end of the comment thread.

Q: Why is Disqus not showing up on my BlackBerry or iPhone?

A: While you should be able to view the comments on your handheld device, on some devices you may be unable to comment. Disqus is aware if this issue and are currently working on an update to resolve this problem.

Q: Why does C4P use Disqus?

A: There are a number of commenting platforms available, each one has it’s pro’s and cons. When researching the best commenting system for our site we concluded that Disqus comes closest to our requirements. It’s also easy to register, simple to use, and has one of the best comment moderation systems. Disqus is also used by many major news sites and blogs which makes it easier for users to comment on many sites without the hassle of having to register on every site. Oh, and they’re also best value for money.

Q: Why am I seeing the newest comment first instead of the oldest comments?

A: On the top of each comment thread (just below the insert text dialog box) there is a “sort by” drop down menu that allows you to select the order of which you view comments. You may select Oldest first, Newest first, Popular now, or Best rating.

Q: I have flagged a comment as offensive. Why hasn’t it been removed?

A: C4P is run and monitored solely by volunteers who dedicate all their spare time to this site. However, all contributors and editors have jobs, families, and other commitments they need to attend to. While we do our utmost to attend to comment moderation on a regular basis, sometimes situations may occur when no one is available.  Keep flagging offensive comments.  They’re checked regularly, but sometimes more regularly than others. Please note that comments that are not offensive and have just been flagged because someone disagrees with the merits of the comment are at the editors discretion as to whether they should be deleted or not. C4P encourages spirited debate and simply disagreeing with someone is not grounds for deletion.


This page will be updated as we respond to questions we receive. If you do not find the answer to your question here please email our tech team at tech@conservatives4palin.com